“In order to establish communication it is necessary to have an accepted code of behaviour, a ritual that is learned by experience from childhood. Once, there were codes for all occasions, codes for revealing to others feelings that were generally unexpressed, codes for courting, for giving birth, for dying, for consoling the bereaved. These codes no longer exist. They disappeared in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. So feelings too intense for the ordinary forms either do not find expression and are held in, or else break forth with intolerable violence because there is no way to channel them.”

Philippe Ariès, The Hour of Our Death

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April 11, 2011

Having survived, I thought I’d resurrect Sorrowland Press on the museum of the web. Lots of hard work and heart went into this site. Though this is simply a standstill site and likely will not be updated, I want to sincerely thank all the contributors and friends of Sorrowland Press. It was an artistic period piece I was very proud of and still am today. To follow the latest project and creative evolution, please make your way to www.lemonantifreeze.com.


Please note Sorrowland Press is now found at www.sorrowlandpress.net23.net and that the old email address, nollama@sorrowlandpress.com, is  defunct. If you wish to contact me, email Damien at lemonantifreeze@live.com.


Sept 30, 2008

So easy to give up, popping pills to the safe void, but looking back at the people that have come in and out of the Sorrowland Press family, all the subs from vets and virgins, just hearing from people appreciative of a home for their unique works. Honestly, I’d melt if I had to let this all go, the deterioration getting the best of me.


In the mean time, however, two new issues of Dance to Death are available. Sincere apologies for the delays. But here they are with no disappointments and beautiful covers from Charles Frederickson.


Also,  Kane X. Faucher, new co-editor,  has and will make D2D editorially “fitter, healthier, more productive.” Want an introduction to the man? Click here. Furthermore Kane has written a new intro for D2D. While it may appear long and erudite, do not shirk this reading 21st century people! This is a great intro on the nature and direction of dark writing—what we here at Sorrowland Press think it’s all about.


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